“Land of the Home of the ” 7 x 2 in. Car Magnet Bumper Sticker

Single and Multiple Packs

Land of the Home of the Aggrieved Pansies

America used to be the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.  WTF Happened?

Freedom disappears by the stroke of a pen from an utterly corrupt Aggrieved Pansy Supreme Wankaroo Court including two Associate Justices and one Associate Rapist appointed by a twice-impeached, 91-time-indicted not yet convicted criminal Most Aggrieved Pansy of All Aggrieved Pansies with a House Fuhrer imean insurrectionist wanker Aggrieved Pansy Speaker auguring-in the United States of America’s government as if it were a nose-diving jetliner at full throttle — sound familiar? 

Terrorism is Terrorism.


Aggrieved pansies are afraid of reading, facts, the ordinary rule of law, vaccines, space lasers, our actual history with all of its warts and triumphs, getting their guns taken away, women (including their privacy and bodily autonomy), people who believe differently from them, or don’t believe at all, any skin color other than white — Aggrieved Pansies fear most being sent to the back of the bus, of being treated the way they have always treated other ordinary Americans.


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