Proud Aggrieved Pansy 7 x 2 in Car Magnet Bumper Sticker

Single and multiple packs.

Proud Aggrieved Pansy.

So let’s no longer describe them as:

Republican (they are not — Lincoln & Eisenhower are rolling in their graves),

Conservative (they are not — not since Reagan tripled the national debt), or even

Moral (yeah, right — as they hypocritically attempt to project their own lack of morals upon us – see the “perverts” up Moms for Libertine’s behind. They need to lube the doorknob, not loot the library).

They pine for an America that existed only in myth and are utterly fearful of what might happen if we learn our actual history with all of its warts. . . .

They have lost control and are utterly fearful that they will be told to go to the back of the bus.

They are confused about getting aroused by others whom they believe are deviant.

They are afraid of everyone and everything.

They fear basic human decency.

They are aggrieved.  They are pansies.


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