“Ban Books” 10 x 3 in. Car Magnet Bumper Sticker

Single and Multiple Packs

54% of us American adults have reading comprehension skills of children at the Sixth Grade level or below, a level that is barely sufficient to read and understand this bumper sticker.   21% (1 in 5) of us  are functionally illiterate (PIACC Surveys; Barbara Bush Literacy Foundation). 

Nearly 1.8 million American children are currently home-schooled, often by parents who had great difficulty with reading comprehension skills in their own schooling.  

Parents pretend that if they keep their children from learning about the world — as it is — then that frightening world will go away.

It won’t — particularly when the books they want banned speak to the queer ménage à trois follies these Moms for Libertine conduct behind lubed-up doorknobs so that their own kids’ hands slip instead of turn . . . 


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