The Aggrieved Pansy Party re-nominates that criminally indicted petulant (and no doubt flatulent) 5-year old Most Aggrieved Pansy of All Aggrieved Pansies β€” who likely breached our national security and attempted to overthrow the United States Constitution that he swore to defend and protect β€” as its candidate for President of the United States of America.

The Aggrieved Pansy Glee Club is in uproar over the ordinary enforcement of our criminal laws, clutching their pearls and twisting their panties over the U.S. Justice System actually following the Rule of Law.

How come the party that claimed to be for law and order burst out of its Closet riding a Kaleidoscopic Rainbow Unicorn

as the Pro-Crime Party?

(How come that you know of whom I speak?)

This is the 2024 version of β€œThe Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.” This is f*cking ridiculous!

Fight back against this Aggrieved Pansy war on our ordinary American culture.

You will find some sharp weapons here.

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